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Kark Rashi Cancer Zodiac Pendant with Kark Rashi Yantra in Ashtadhatu Pendant

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₹101.00  ₹199.00  (49% off)

  • The fourth sign of the rashi chakra is cancer or Karkataka, which means crab. Therefore, this Pendant energised by Karkataka yantra helps in countering the ill effects of the Moon in one’s horoscope. It is particularly thought to be auspicious and lucky for those born under the zodiac sign Cancer or Karkataka.
  • It strengthens the presence of the Moon in the horoscope and helps in improving spiritual and mental aspects of life. The Moon generally affects inter-personal relations and also business. Therefore, this Pendant helps the wearer improve interactions and dealings with other human beings. In other words, it helps positive communication.
  • If you are born in Kark Rashi (Cancer Zodiac Sign), then you are being ruled by the influence of Moon. The position and strength of Moon in our birth chart govern our emotions, thoughts and fortune. If a person has a Weak moon in his Birth chart then it can come across as a root for problems related to small memory, Blood, emotions, friendship, relationship, respect, health, harmony etc.Therefore, to pacify the planet Moon (Chandra), one is recommended to get Yantrakart’s Kark Rashi Yantra pendant. Through the help of the Kark Rashi Yantra pendant, one can be blessed with a happy and fulfilling life that would be accompanied with respect and friendship.
  • Asht Dhatu is an alloy-metal and is prepared by a special proportion of different eight-metals. It is an excellent item to wear for overall and for meditation purposes. These Eight Metals Represent The nine Planets like Gold and copper For Sun, Jupiter and Mars, Silver for Venus and Moon, Mercury For Mercury, Tin, Lead, Iron for Saturn, Copper for Rahu, Zinc for Ketu.
  • Spell bounded and Energised with The Holy Ganga Jal of Haridwar

Colour - Golden Size - Adjustable
Plating - Gold Plated Material - Asht Dhatu
Gender - Unisex Occasion - Everyday
Style - Religious Shape - Round
Product Style - Pendant Brand - RudraDivine
Zodiac ( Rashi) - Kark ( Cancer )

This cancer Yantra locket is specially made to be beneficial for the cancer Rashi person And Cancer yantra make it more powerful.A Locket yantra does not have a combination of different yantras but is very much focused towards one particular task. Locket Yantras are smaller in size hence more convenient to be worn in your Neck.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Your ideal mantra: "Own It" 

Some signs don't need any encouragement to come out and show their full selves to others—but Cancer is typically not one of those signs. Edut notes that Cancer can be fearful of things that are new, or of being rejected or abandoned. She suggests trying a mantra that will give you the confidence to unabashedly be yourself.

Daughter of Zeus, Artemis is the goddess of the moon, hunting, and virginity. She is the protector of young children and a healer to women and is depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrow.

It doesn't get more Cancer-like than the goddess Artemis. Ruled by mother moon, Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac. Some born under this zodiac sign are blessed with healing abilities they inherited from their ancestors.

Monday – The Day for Cancer Signs

Don’t let rainy days and Mondays get you down. Sure, Monday can be a downer if it’s the start of a workweek at a job you’re not thrilled about. Nevertheless, Monday holds a lot of potential. Monday is typically the start of the workweek in the business world. This is symbolic of new beginnings. Monday is a perfect day for a fresh start. Monday is also an optimal day for dreaming, creating and listening to our intuition.

Monday is ruled by the moon, which lends a dreamy quality to the day. Moons are symbolic of time because of its speedy cycle of orbit around the earth. Close attention to schedules and time are key on Monday. The moon is also symbolic of shadows and secrets – whether keeping them under our hats or revealing them.

Ideal Activities for Cancer on Monday

  • Do yoga
  • Meditate
  • Make a schedule
  • Go for nature walks
  • Make an investment
  • Brainstorm a new idea
  • Have lunch with friends
  • Do some creative writing
  • Listen more closely to intuition
  • Get a haircut or visit a salon/spa
  • Donate your spare coins to a charity
  • Commit random and anonymous acts of kindness

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