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8.50 Ratti Semi Precious Red Coral(Moonga) Gemstone by Lab Certified

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  • Individuals in professions such as army, armed forces, police, doctors especially surgeons, chemicals, weapon  manufacture or business, scientists, realty business find the Red Coral to be especially effective and beneficial.
  • The Red Coral provides strong protection against evil eye, hexing and black magic.
  • Those people who are in considerable debt should wear a Red Coral after analysis of position of Mars in their birth chart. Mars and its energies help in debt repayment.
  • The Red Coral represents Mangalya Balam, Strength of Marriage and long life of the spouse. It protects women from widowhood and should be worn after proper astrological analysis.
  • Individuals suffering from issues such as impatience, short temper, irritation and anger due to the untoward position of Mars in their horoscope would notice a significant improvement in their condition after usage of Red Coral Gemstone
  • If a person has a Manglik dosh in his/her horoscope which can lead to disagreements and the likes in personal relationship, then wearing a Coral gemstone can help sweeten the relationships again. This however should be done only after thoroughly analyzing the birth chat.
  • Red Coral gemstones has also been found to have a profound effect on one’s profession.
  • Another very important benefit of the Red Coral beads that it protects fiercely against bewitching, evil gaze and black magic.
  • Red Coral can help a person in debt to a more secure and safer position. Red Coral with its energies can help in removal of looming debts in a very short period of time.
  • According to Indian Astrology, the Red Coral is thought to represent the “Mangalya Balam” or marriage compatibility, the marriage strength and longevity of the spouse. Wearing it is supposed to elude widowhood from women.

Colour - Red Weight - 8.50 Ratti
Gemstone - Red Coral Munga Certificate - Yes
Gender - Unisex hardness - 3 - 4 Mohs
Mantra - OM MANGALAY NAMAH Stone Type - Precious
Occasion – Everyday Ruling Planet - Mars
Planetary god - Mangal Style - Religious

Red Coral (Munga) represents the ferocious planet Mars (Mangal) and hence, the first benefit to highlight is that it eradicates all the malefic effects of Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosha . This is known as Kuja Dosham or Chovva Dosham in South India. Many saints and astrologers across the nation have found Red Coral (munga ratan) highly capable of eradicating and controlling the ill-effects of Manglik Dosha (especially for female natives). Manglik Dosha is believed to be nullified by wearing a Red Coral ring or pendant by the female natives .
Secondly, Mars is considered to be the royal warrior who is best with courage and confidence. Hence, wearing red coral is believed to enhance the confidence and give immense courage to the wearer in order to come out of messy or miserable circumstances in a quick time . Therefore, if a person is surrounded by many problems such as enemies, debts, diseases, etc, red coral can provide him/her the courage to fight against them and come out from the situation.
Red Coral's chemical and mineral composition has powers to increase the physical and mental strength of the wearer. Nowadays, we see a lot of people struggling with their lack of confidence and the society sometimes label them as cowards and incapable. Wearing a ring studded with Red Coral in a manner that it touches the skin in such situation is the best gift one can give to self. It will boost confidence and would make the wearer feel courageous.

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