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Shree Ma Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra Wealth and Prosperity

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₹199.00  ₹399.00  (50% off)

  • Shri Vaibhav Laxmi Yantra Good effective for good luck, success, financial problem,wealth & prosperity.
  • You can place it on the main door of your home or office. You can place it in your puja ghar also. A person who regularly worship this yantra gets sure progress in life and new doors to success automatically open for him.
  • The yantra is mainly kept in a cash box,purse, puja place, locker, or in the treasure room. It is mostly found carved on copper plates with a distinctive geometric pattern
  • It is described by an interlocking pattern of squares, triangles, and floral patterns with infused energies.
  • Normally, this Dhan Laxmi Yantra is made of 24 carat Gold plated. It must be worshipped with purity , self-confidence and belief.
  • This Yantra brings victory and prosperity in the course of habitual Pooja and chanting of the Maha Laxmi mantra.
  • Spell Bounded And Energise With Holy Ganga Jal Of Haridwar

Condition-New Shape-Square
Style-spritual Plating-Gold Plated
Material-Brass Weight-15gr
Size-3x3inch Colour-Golden
Origin-India Ruling God-Laxmi Ji
Vaibhab Laxmi Beeja Mantra-या रक्ताम्बुजवासिनी विलासिनी चण्डांशु तेजस्विनी। या रक्ता रुधिराम्बरा हरिसखी या श्री मनोल्हादिनी॥ या रत्नाकरमन्थनात्प्रगटिता विष्णोस्वया गेहिनी। सा मां पातु मनोरमा भगवती लक्ष्मीश्च पद्मावती ॥

Vaibhav Lakshmi Yantra should be installed and worshipped for getting all kinds of Wealth, Health & Happiness. Goddess Lakshmi manifests herself in 8 different forms. Vaibhav Lakshmi is a combined manifestation of all these 8 forms. Vaibhav Lakshmi  yantra is helpful in giving complete happiness and success in life to its worshipper and to get rid of debts. This yantra should be kept in temple or pooja place at home /office. one should place it on a clean red coloured cloth. It is auspicious to see this Yantra daily in the morning and one should lit incense/dhoop or lamp with ghee before the Yantra every morning. By doing this the worshipper is blessed with success and wealth.

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