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8.25-8.50 Ratti Hessonite (GOMED Stone) Certified Natural Gemstone AAA Quality

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₹850.00  ₹1500.00  (43% off)

  • The healing properties of Hessonite have been known since ages. Ancients have used to Hessonite to heal Cancer, fear psychosis, multiple personality disorders, skin infections. The healing properties of Hessonite have been found useful for people who suffer from Black magic, Hexing and curse of evil spirits. Hessonite has direct healing properties on the Mooladhara Chakra.
  • A True untreated Hessonite has tremendous impact and if suited to the individual brings about many benefits. Some clear important Hessonite benefits are:
  • If the Person is undergoing the major period of Rahu then analysis should be made whether Hessonite is suited or no. If suitable as per the chart Hessonite blesses with many benefits including release of stress and tension and clarity of thoughts.
  • Hessonite benefits are quantifiable and measurable in certain challenging positions of Rahu such as Rahu in 1st house etc. More about typical positions of Rahu.
  • Hessonite is beneficial for individuals suffering from Kalsarp Yoga, fear of snakes, fear of spirits, fear psychosis and evil eye.
  • The planet Rahu rules over the gemstone Gomed/ Hessonite. Gomed is especially effective gemstone for those who have sarpa dosha such as Kalsarpa Dosha etc. (affliction or curse of the snakes). If suited to the individual it blesses with fast and miraculous relief from Sarpa Dosha and its symptoms.
  • The Gomed stone removes confusion and provides mental clarity and a balanced temperament. Rahu periods are often accompanied by confusion, disillusionment and lack of confidence. Gomed stone removes these symptoms and provides relief. More about Rahu Periods.
  • Strange and complicated diseases that are difficult to diagnose and treat are the domains of Rahu. Ailments such as Cancer, Skin Diseases, Psoriasis, fear psychosis, mental problems, multiple personality disorders etc come under the domain of Rahu. If the Gemstone Gomed is suited to the individual it brings in relief and solutions to these problems.
  • Spell Bounded with Holy Gangajal of Haridwar.

Colour - Orange Red Weight - 8.25 - 8.50 Ratti
Gemstone - Hessonite Garnet Gomed Certificate - Yes
Gender - Unisex hardness - 7 Mohs
Mantra - Om Raam Rahve Namaha Stone Type - Precious
Occasion – Everyday Ruling Planet - Rahu
Planetary god - Rahu Style - Religious

A Hessonite brings to its wearer the five fruits of life: Meditation (Dhyaana), Financial Prosperity (Artha), Righteous living (Dharma), Pleasures of the body (Kama) and Salvation/Nirvana (Moksha).
To bring peace and happiness in the marital life, both husband and wife should wear a Hessonite stone to boost love, harmony and peace.
The wearer of a Gomed is not affected by any kind of black magic, is always ahead of his/her enemies and always emerges victorious in times of a competition.
Hessonite is very beneficial for people pursuing public speaking, as it enhances the wearer's influence over large crowds.
People into computer jobs, politics, government services, lawyers and scientists are benefited with the magical powers of this stone.Rahu rules the hessonite gem. Rahu is an aprakash graha, a lustreless planet, and it gives the results of the lord of the house which it tenants. If Rahu is on the ascendant, wearing hessonite may be recommended. Hessonite may also be good for those born under Aries.

Wearing a good hessonite brings wealth, success, position, prestige, happiness, prosperity, good children, praise, fame, and health. It protects against rivalries and enemies, and thus is good to wear when going into battle. It helps to give good health and appetite, rids the mind of bad thoughts, and gives mental peace. It helps to increase one’s social status, and brings one respect from others. It helps protect against evil spirits and the possibility of being poisoned. Brilliant scientists are associated with hessonite, and the gem also helps those who must deal with employees and servants.

Hessonite and its substitutes transmit the cosmic color, ultra-violet. Ultra-violet is the coldest color ray, and should be used for diseases caused by overheating, such as high fevers, insomnia, extreme acid, indigestion, and over-sexuality. It also works with insanity.A flawed hessonite should not be worn. It is difficult to find a flawless hessonite. A hessonite is flawed if it has a white or bluish color and lacks luster. Wearing a Gomedha with a red color is bad for health. If the gem has a mixture of mica, it ruins wealth.

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