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Rudra Divine Panchmukhi Rudraksha Pearl (Moti) Rosary Mala

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₹650.00  ₹1251.00  (48% off)

  • Five Mukhi Rudraksha are said to be very effective in increasing Worldly comforts, Spiritual fulfillment, Harmony, Richness, Prosperity, Self Confidence, Mental Peace, Positve thoughts, Creativity power, Foresight, Health & Wealth
  • It decreases the Enemity, Fear of Death, Accidental Death, Difference of opinion, Inferiority complex, Depression and Anxiety
  • Pearls are used for pacifying the negative effects of planet Moon. Pearl is considered as very cooling and peaceful gemstone. It gives a soothing effect on mind and body.
  • Religious & Healing Mala
  • Spell Bounded With Holy Gangajal Of Haridwar.

Bead Size - 6 mm Gender - Unisex
Condition - New Shape - Round
Style - Spiritual Material - Natural Rudraksha & Pearl
Weight - 40 gm Colour - Natural Brown
Origin - India Type Of Rudraksha - 5 Mukhi
Beads - 108 +1

Rudra Divine Panchmukhi Rudraksha Pearl (Moti) Rosary Mala Rudraksha Beads :Sacred Rudraksha beads, are worn  since ancient times for their profound religious significance and powerful healing properties and considered as divine treasure to be cherished. Sacred Rudraksha beads are made of the seeds of the Rudraksha tree and per ancient texts, these beads elevate the soul and assist on the trail of ascension ,Increase clarity and general awareness, calming the central nervous system & mind, free one of negative thoughts. Pearl Beads: 'Moti' or 'Pearl' is associated with the Planet moon, which indicates your mind, consciousness and knowledge. It has divine energy which reduces the malefic affect of the planet Moon helps the wearer in getting rid of negative thoughts and induces positive thinking. It deepens the feelings of trust, love and care between the couple Characteristics: Wisdom, Spirituality, Purity, Integrity, Wealth, Cooling THIS MALA IS BLESSED & ENERGIZED WITH PROPER MANTRAS, PUJA AND SPIRITUALLY ACTIVATED TO INFUSE POTENCY AND POWER. It is not necessary that Mala can only be used for Meditation , Japa or Prayer . IT CAN ALSO BE WORN AS NECKLACE TO ATTRACT POSITVE VIBES & BRING BENEFITS . All of our Gemstones and Beads are 100% genuine. . Due to the natural materials used the colour and the size of the beads may vary.

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