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7.25 Ratti American Diamond Pendant in Pure Silver 100% Genuine Certified Precious Zircon Gemstone silver Pendant withe the Lab Certificate Of Originality

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₹699.00  ₹2100.00  (67% off)

  • Made with 100% Original American Diamond / Zircon in 100% pure Silver. Considered highly effective For - Venus weaker. It is a substitute for Diamond.
  • Natural Clear Transparent American Diamond with Lab Certificate. It removes all the bad influences of venus. One who has venus weaken or has Taurus or Libra sign should wear Zircon.
  • White Zircon is a natural colorless gemstone which is a part of the mineral family Nesosilicate. Its name comes from the Zirconium element present it. Zircon is used extensively in astrological uses and is associated with planet Venus (Shukra).
  • Astrological Significance (Who should wear White Zircon): White Zircon is associated with the planet Venus (Shukra). According to the Vedic astrology, People born in the Lagna of Venus i.e. Taurus (Vrishab) & Libra (Tula) should wear a White Zircon for the lifetime. Apart from this, people with Lagna Gemini (Mithun), Virgo (Kanya), Capricorn (Makar) & Aquarius (Kumbh) signs can also wear White Zircon gemstone.
  • When to wear: Best time to wear the White Zircon gemstone is during sunrise of a Friday
  • Spell Bounded and energized with Holy Ganga Jal of Haridwar.

Color - Transparent Size - Adjustable
Weight - 7.25 ct Plating - NA
Certificate - Yes Birthstone For - Whose who Born in April
Metal - Pure Silver Gender - Unisex
hardness - 7.5 Mohs Mantra -

This pendant is made to put best quality of American Diamond with pure silver.It is a very precious and effective gems and is said the King of gems.It removes all the bad influences of venus. One who has venus weaken or has Taurus or Libra sign,should wear diamond.It control anger. It Removes the bad effects of evil-doings.Vedic Astrology suggests the following guidelines for preparing a zircon gemstone before wearing it. This gemstone can be made into a ring or a pendant with Silver only. And If you are Wearing a ring of Zircon it should be worn on the Ring or the Middle finger of the Right Hand on a Friday.Since, a diamond is an expensive gemstone, zircon has become much popular due to its abundance and cheaper rates. While white zircon is mostly common, this gemstone can also be found in other notable shades like blue, pink and green among many others.

Characteristics Of A Genuine White Zircon:
1. The gemstone should be flawless white in color.

2. The luster should be flawless and vitreous.

3. The cut of the gemstone should be perfect and immaculate.

4. High specific gravity i.e. it should be heavier than an average stone of the same size.

5. The clarity of the gemstone should be more than 90%

Easy Identification Tips For A Real White Zircon:
1. The gemstone should be absolutely colorless and should be free from any inclusions.

2. The look of the gemstone should be rivaling to the diamond.

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