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Gold Plated Waheguru khanda Locket with Guruvani Printed on Optical Lens with Chain

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  • SIKH symbol is for unity, justice, humanity and morality. Two swords and a circular center within this symbol tell us a story of spiritual conviction wrapped in a warrior’s shield of arms. The swords are the Khanda. The center is the Chakra. The outer shell of armor is one of protection, authority and spiritual values. 
  • It have  the cutting-edge European technology results in engraving of miniature text permanently on a crystal glass which have Guruvani written on it .
  • Gold plated chain is provided with this Waheguru khanda pendant.
  • "KHANDA for those who dont know is:
  • The emblem of the Sikh faith, symbolizing the four pillars of Sikh belief. It consists of four symbolic weapons: In the center, the double edged sword, or khanda, from which the symbol derives its name. The Khanda represents knowledge of divinity and the creative power of God.
  • Surrounding the khanda is a circular quoit, called a Chakkar (or chakka, meaning wheel, from the same root as chakra), a medieval weapon which symbolizes the unity of God.
  • On either side, crossed daggers, or kirpans, called Piri and Miri (after the personal weapons of Guru Hargobind), symbolizing spiritual and temporal (earthly) power in balance.
  • Another important device incorporating this symbol is the Nishan Sahib, or Saffron banner, which adorns Sikh Gurudwaras (temples).
  • Spell bounded with Holy Gangajal of Haridwar.

Colour - Golden Shape - Waheguru Khanda
Style - Spiritual Condition - New
Quantity - 1 Product Type - locket
Speciality - cutting-edge European technology Metal - Gold plated
crystal glass - 4 x 4 mm Gender - Unisex

Beautiful Waheguru Khanda pandant with the cutting-edge European technology results in engraving of miniature text permanently on a crystal glass which have Guruvani written on it with Gold plated chain.

The Khanda is one of three and most important symbols of Sikhism. Khanda is commonly called the Sikh coat of arms, or "Khalsa Crest". The Khanda constitutes of three items in one, each with a symbolic meaning. A double-edged sword called a Khanda in the centre, a Chakkar which is circular and two single-edged swords( kirpans), are crossed at the bottom and sit on either side of the Khanda and Chakkar. However, the name Khanda is derived from the central symbol, a special type of double-edged sword which confirms the Sikhs' belief in One God. The central double edged sword signifies truth, strength, freedom and justice. The circle or chakkar represents the eternal. This is a symbol of all-embracing divine manifestation including everything and wanting nothing, without beginning or end, neither first nor last, timeless, and absolute. Khanda was introduced by the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Singhji.

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