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ATM Card for Wealth and Money - Gold Plated Yantra Coin Inside/Laxami Shree Yantra/Religious Card to Keep in Wallet for Wealth/Lucky God ATM Cards/Size Same as Bank ATM Card

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₹99.00  ₹199.00  (50% off)

  • Laxmi Atm Yantra For Wealth - This pocket Yantra is capable of making a king out of a beggar. 
  • shree laxmi card is very strong in the form of a coin. It is considered as the manifestation of goddess laxmi.
  • It is established to progress in career, education, wealth and income. It is energized by our esteemed pandit ji. Fully energized and purified shree laxmi card will work best from rest.
  • SHREE YANTRA is one of the oldest, rarest and most precious Yantras and believed to have been created by Adi Guru Dattatreya for the welfare of the world. The name, Sri Yantra, which means mounted at the back of tortoise upwards is also significant because in Hindu mythology, it is believed that the tortoise lifted the weight of the earth on its back.
  • This card will be lucky for Holder and bring wealth. Shri Laxami / Shree / Shri yantra in a Gold-plated coin is inside the card. It brings the Blessing of Laxami ji
  • Spell Bounded And Energise With Holy Ganga Jal Of Haridwar.

Colour - Red and Golden Size - Standard
Style - Spiritual Type - ATM Card
Condition - New Shape - Rectangle
Origin - India Plated - Gold plated
Quantity - 1

Laxmi Atm Yantra For Wealth -This yantra is considered a blessing for general health, wealth, prosperity, success in life. Kali, the black mother Kali, the black mother, makes life too hectic and exciting for her devotes, unless you are hurdy soul with a natural bent for such things. We loose the blessing of Laxmi when we let out power and glory go to our head and act in an arrogant and foolish manner. In the Mahabharata she is made to say, I dwell in truth, giving gift, austerities vows, strength and virtue.

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