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Zinc Sun Face Pendant

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₹149.00  ₹299.00  (50% off)

  • Surya Pendant signifies the Sun God and blesses your life with the qualities of the Sun.
  • Brings good health to the wearer.
  • Brings wealth and abundance to the worshipper.
  • Gives a commanding presence to the wearer in all environments and situations in life.
  • Sun Surya is the symbol of power, birth, command, superiority and authority.
  • In our day to day life we face many situations where we need the qualities of the sun to be able to deal with events swiftly.
  • Surya locket combines all these qualities of the Sun and who so ever wears the locket benefits from all the above given qualities of the sun.
  • As the sun controls the entire solar system it is naturally the commander of all the planets hence by wearing the Surya Locket the wearer develops the qualities of a natural commander and leader.
  • Surya is also the sign of wealth hence it blesses the wearer with wealth fulfils all dreams.

Colour - Silver Size - 17 x 22 mm
Condition - Brand New Style - Religious
Quantity - 1 Shape - Sun
Origin - India Material - Zinc
Product Type - Pendant Gender - Unisex
Collection - Antique

The planet Sun is actually a star because it is visible due to its own light whereas the other planets are dependant upon the  Sun’s light for visibility. Hence, the planet Sun is known as the king of all planets. It represents Power, Authority, Immunity as well as Administration. The planet Sun is the bestower of Name, Fame and Progress as well as Life itself because life is not possible to exist on Earth without Sun’s light.  As per Hindu Mythology, the planet Sun is known as Surya Dev.

Sun (Surya) is used for power , authority & luck in business. Sun (Surya) stands for power and authority. Sun (Surya) enhances the peace of mind, gets favour from Superior, officers and Govt. Sun (Surya) is used to energise an area or to energetically expand an area that is cramped and uncomfortable. Sun (Surya) pendant represents our struggle for clarity. Sun (Surya) balances & harmonise the aura around us and removes the negative energy. The sun god gives us knowledge and wisdom. The sun god frees us from teeming ignorance and impenetrable darkness. Therefore we have to invoke the sun god.

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