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24 ct gold plated Shri Kuber Yantra Pendant For Wealth and Prosperity with Gold Plated High Quality Chain

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₹149.00  ₹599.00  (75% off)

  • The wearer will to achieve the sure shot success in their business if he will wear a Kuber Yantra locket around his neck.
  • If you wear a Kuber Yantra you will get back all your lost wealth and get a shield to make it stay as well.
  • Wearing the Kuber Yantra will help in giving you all the materialistic comforts and help in retaining the wealth.
  • If you are striving for a good life style, you should definitely wear a Kuber Yantra.
  • If you Professional that is searching for a huge source of finances, make Kuber Yantra a part of your life.
  • If you are a person who wishes to increase cash flow in your life, buy the Kuber Yantra Locket today itself.

Colour - Golden Shape - Round
Style - Spiritual Condition - New
Material - Brass Origin - India
Quantity - 1 Product Type - Shri Kuber Yantra Pendant
Plated - Gold plated Occasion - Everyday
Chain - Gold plated

Shri Kuber Yantra Locket Buying Kuber Yantra Locket gets the power and blessings of the Lord Kuber who is the said as a god of money and the entire Wealth of Universe. Kuber Yantra is supposed to be one of the most powerful Yantra for appeasing Lord Kuber, the lord of WEALTH as per our ancient Vedas and sages. Wearing this locket can make the Lord Kuber happy and bless a person with unlimited Wealth, Prosperity and Riches if he is pleased with the person.

The Kuber Yantra Locket price is minimal amounts you have spend to get all the wealth and prosperity and the energy that attracts financial gains and always maintain your bank balance. If you are wearing Lord Kuber Yantra, you can make the god of money to be your side that can make you wealthy and will always keep you financially strong.You will attract the energies of financial gain from every direction of universe and make successful decisions for multiplying your wealth. Wearing this Yantra will opens up new opportunities for you to earn Income that Increases fund flow and Accumulate Wealth.

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