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Charming 5 Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha & Parad beads Bracelet - wrist band~ A++Quality

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₹299.00  ₹499.00  (40% off)

These auspicious bracelets will have the benefit of the Rudraksha beads and Parad Beads.

There are various advantages of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha, some of them are as follows:-

  • Removes Intellectual Dumbness
  • Controlling Blood Pressure
  • Academic Excellence
  • Memory and Concentration Power
  • Helps in Keeping Good Health and Shape
  • Fortune
  • Relaxing Effect On Mind
  • Avoids Painful Death.

​Benefits of parad :-

  • Worshipping Padrasam Beads has proven to be several benefits from Scientific as well as in Ayurveda
  • It has power to control various diseases such as High Blood Pressures, Diabetes, Ashtma and also increase sex power.
  • Courage against any odds and negativities. 
  • Confidence and happiness. 
  • Balanced life. 
  • It also helps the worshipper to control heart diseases
  • The Parad is capable in helping the wearer who is mentally, physically, financially and intellectually ill.
  • Fulfillment of dreams and desires. 
  • Removing Vastu Related problems. 
  • Healing from disease. 
  • Power,authority and recognition. 
  • Protection from evil eyes and other evil things. 
  • Sound health, wealth and character. 

Colour - Brown (Natural) & Silver Size - 15 mm
Shape - Round Style - Spiritual
Gender - Unisex Condition - New
Material - Parad ( Mercury) & Natural Rudraksha Origin - India
Quantity - 1 Rudraksha Type - 5 Mukhi
Occasion - EveryDay

Parad Rudraksha Bracelet is a very powerful and rare combination,you wont find it elsewhere. Parad is the most auspicious metal used for worship of God. Parad is believed to be originated from the sperms of Lord Shiva. Benefits of parad are Cure of all diseases, Increase the will power etc. Due to their magnetic properties the Rudraksha beads initiate and effect positive change in the Human Body.  

The 5 mukhi Rudraksha holds a lot of significance because it is believed that this Rudraksha type is blessed by Lord Shiva Himself in the form of Lord Kalagni Rudra. When a wearer wears this Rudraksha with a lot of devotion and sincerity, all his/her sins are washed away. Controlled by the planet Jupiter, this Rudraksha is often addressed as Devguru, Guru of all Devas.Wearing this Rudraksha type around your heart area is considered to be most beneficial and aids in controlling heart related ailments, tensions, anxieties, blood pressures etc.

Parad is naturally energized metal. The parad metal does not need to be energized. In Hindu purans, specially mentioned in brahma puran that the wearer and user of parad idols brings all enjoys for that person. Blessing from the lord rains on them who worship and use parad.Parad is a liquid material. Best known as quick silver. Parad is also known as mercury. Parad is also collected from stones or from the coal burning. It does not have self-power to take any hard shape. Silver gives parad the power to be hard and bring any shape. 

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