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Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja Yantra for Home Temple for Office for Shop Temple

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₹199.00  ₹399.00  (50% off)

1. Panchmukhi Yantra removes obstacles in one’s life and career.

2. Helps reduce the harmful effects of different planets might have on your horoscope.

3. Improves one’s health and keeps away ailments and diseases.

4. Gives courage to face the different difficulties of life.

5. Makes one more energetic and ambitious.

6. Gives all benefits associated with Hanuman Pooja.

7. Helps gain Moksha or liberation in the afterlife

Condition-New Shape-Square
Style-spritual Plating-Gold Plated
Material-Brass Weight-15gr
Size-3x3inch Colour-Golden
Origin-India Ruling God
Hanuman Ji Panchmukhi Yantra Beeja Mantra-Om hreem kleem hroom hraim panchamukha hanumaan mahaadeva
Om patu swaaha

Strength Will Be Bestowed Upon You By Praying Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra

It is believed that God incarnates in the Yantras. We all seek for divine help when we worship the yantra. By worshiping the yantra, God fulfills all our desires and wishes. Worldly dreams and ambition are fulfilled by the praying of the yantras. Lord Hanuman is the symbol of strength and power and guards us against all evil. Through the Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra, we will pray to Lord Hanuman directly.

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