Ashta Dhatu Yantra

Maha Vastu Purush Navgrah Pyramid Yantra / Ashtdhatu Navgrah Pyramid Yntra Chowki with Removable Pyramid

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The most effective correction tool for improvement of spatial energies is the Ultimate Vedic Vastu Pyramid, a three-dimensional representation of the Vastu Direction Yantra. Under the central glass pyramid are Vastu Purusha Mandala in relief and a Maha Purusha yantra. In the eight directions lie eight smaller pyramids with nine Vastu yantras beneath, the nine planetary lords of the directions

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Vaastu means the dwelling of Humans & Gods. Vaastu shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND). Vastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature. 

The Vastu Purush Pyramid yantra act as a remedy to any Vaastu Shastra defects present in the house or any malefic energy residing in the plot. It brings harmony with basic five elements of nature and removes any negative energy from the place.

Yantras - A yantra is a graphic energy tool that has a lasting influence on a room’s energetic quality with its geometrical elements, colours, mantras, and symbols. The three-dimensional combination of the twelve most important yantras in the Vaastu Pyramid unfolds a powerful effect on the karmic level.

Pyramids - The effects of the yantras are energetically intensified and projected into the building with the help of nine pyramids.

Mantras - Inscribed in the stone relief of the base plate and positioned in the eight directions are auspicious mantras which neutralize inauspicious defects.

Vastu Purusha Mandala – In the centre of the Vastu Pyramid is a relief of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. The effect of this personal symbol of the ideal space is greatly intensified through the bigger central pyramid


1. It dissipates the negative energies arising out of defects in the Vedic Vaastu Shastra of the building, both on the inside of the building and outside surroundings. Any inherent Vaastu faults about direction, location, situation of a building (situation of rooms, doors, windows, etc.) which may not be easily curable or rectifiable is directly addressed and resolved. It tackles negative energies that emanate due to irregular sizes, over weight (of machinery), beams, staircases, attached toilets, colour schemes, flooring patterns, extended directions, truncated corners, closed/unused wells, etc.It greatly minimizes the malevolent effects caused by the Fengshui defects, including wrong placement of furniture, racks, cupboards, attics, cellars, garage and stunted plants, shrubs.

2. Some times a land or building generates ‘sick energy’ causing ill health. This ‘sickness of place’ does have debilitating effects related to geological anomalies and underground water courses in or about buildings. Some also relate to strong emotional imprints in a place. Such magnetic field anomalies are neutralized and emotional imprints healed for Geopathic Stress Corrections.

3. The Pancha Maha Bhutas or Pancha Tattvas are the Five Elements on which the Cosmos originated and built upon : Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Vaayu (Wind), Agni (Fire), Aakash (Space, Ether, Sky). The 5 Elements of the Land, Building and the Residents must be balanced and should stay synchronized to lead a normal and peaceful life. If the 5 Elements are unbalanced due to any reason, then there will be big disturbances in every day life leading to chaos. This Spatial Energy Correction Tool properly balances the Five Elements.

4. It minimizes the negative effects of Malefic Planets and boosts the positive effects of the Benefic Planets, neutralizes the negative influences of Doshas, Sabhas (Curses), Malefic Yogas existing in the Natal Astrological Horoscopes (Navagraha Preethi – Pacification of Planets) of the residents of the apartment or house .

5. The Brahmasthan or Brahmasthal is the most powerful zone of the building represented by the Centre of the house/office/shop/factory, cosmically connected to provide a lifeline of positive energy. The Brahmasthan actually creates and supports the whole Energy Structure and a defect or anomoly here will lead to collapse of everything. This House Energy Correction Tool maintains the integrity of the Brahmastan and protects it.

6. The Nabhi or the Cosmic Energy Hub (of the land, plot or site which by implication means of the built structure too) is the focal point of the Life Force Energies of the Living Space and Working Space and here is where the Energy Balance should be maintained always.

7. It boosts and balances the Energy Beams received from all the 8 Directions so that the Life Force Energies are systematically nurtured and positive manifestations occur.


Condition - New Shape - Square
Style - Vastu Plating - Gold Plated
Material - Asht Dhatu Weight - 2.3 kg
Size - 9 x 9 inches Product Type - Vastu and Yantra
Colour - Golden Origin - India

The most effective correction tool for improvement of spatial energies is the Ultimate Vedic Vastu Pyramid, a three-dimensional representation of the Vastu Direction Yantra. Under the central glass pyramid are Vastu Purusha Mandala in relief and a Maha Purusha yantra. In the eight directions lie eight smaller pyramids with nine Vastu yantras beneath, the nine planetary lords of the directions. The northeast has two planets as its regents, Jupiter and Ketu. Pyramids intensify and help project the effects of the yantras into the building. Pyramids are much older than Egypt's Pyramids at Giza and are part of the Vastu tradition. We use glass to get crisp mathematical precision of the pyramid sacred geometry, rather than gem crystal, since the glass is pure and flawless. Most quartz crystal has flaws, and this would create dissonant, distorted energy.

It represents the spiritual and the material universe and can be installed in the center of the home or business as well as in your meditation area, wherever that may be. Enjoy its complex radiance.Most powerful yantra Highly effective vastu correction for serious and bigger vastu defects in the home, office or Features · Design of this pyramid yantra is derived from the ancient scriptures & Texts · This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree in the area of 100 meters · The Vastu Yantra pyramid removes blockage of 70 to 80% of negative energies from the surrounding. · In the eight directions around the centre pyramid , there is eight smaller pyramids with vastu yantras beneath. Mystic benefits:- · Vastu Space Harmonizer clears blockages due to negative energy and makes premises more vibrant in positive way · It rejuvenate your place making you more creative and innovative · Many serious vastu defects like missing corners, extended corners, toilets and kitchen in prohibited zone etc. gets neutralized and the life becomes more enjoyable. · It removes sick building syndromes & clears toxic aura from the premises. · It is a superb harmonizer and hence brings frequent joyful moments in the family life Installation of Vastu Yantra Space 


It is a powerful Multi Purpose Multi Metal Remedy that when Cleansed, Energized and Programmed correctly, works with the principles of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vaastu Shastra (Vastu Vidya), Chinese Fengshui, Tibetan Flying Stars Feng Shui, European Bau Biologie (Building Biology), Geopathic Stress Levels, Brahmasthan Concept, 5 Elements (Pancha Bhoodha, Panch Tattva), 8 Directional Energies (Ashta Digs or Ashta Diks, Ashta Disas), 7 Energy Bodies and 7 Chakras – cleansing, correcting, boosting, balancing and synchronizing them in order to protect and flow benefits to the Users. It is one of the ultimate forms of HOUSE ENERGY CORRECTION (can also be programmed for Energy Correction of a Working Space like office, shop, showroom, warehouse, factory).


  • The positive energy that is created as a result of the shape and geometry of Pyramids makes it a powerful source to be used in various sectors including Vastu Shastra.Using pyramids in vaastu helps to create positive cosmic energy. They also facilitate the flow of energy. The pyramids are highly recommended to increase the flow of positive energy in places where the aura is too low or houses which are too dull. The following are the uses of pyramids in the vastu :-
  • If we keep pyramids in each room, they will destroy all negative energy that is created by T.V.'s, Fridge, Mixy, Washing machine and grinder and convert them into positive energy.
  • If we keep them on the studying table students get more attention towards their studies and score good marks.
  • If you place it on office table it helps to have a clear, strong and steady frame of mind.
  • Usage of pyramids in the industry helps to have fresh state of mind and stops wastage in production.
  • If used on the painful areas of the body it helps to get a faster relief.
  • Usage of pyramids can help in problems like delayed marriages, unemployment, losses in the trade and mis-understanding in the family.
  • The ill-effect created by enemies can be solved by keeping a pyramid.
  • By pressing the hand on the first tier of 81 pyramids you can get relief to the body by acupressure method.
  • One of the most prevalent and widespread usage of pyramids is to rectify the vaastu deficiency without altering or changes in the house by keeping this at that point. The places which require alteration can be found using the Lecher Antennae.
  • Keep a pyramid in the Northeast corner of the house. All the members of the family feel a sense of well being.
  • Keep a pyramid in the bedroom to ensure sound sleep and get up fresh in the morning.
  • House wives who get tired of working in the kitchen should place a pyramid in the south west corner of the kitchen and they can feel energetic.
  • If there is a feeling that someone has done black magic on you, bury four pyramids in the four corners of the house.
  • If you are worried that people with harmful intentions are coming to your house keep the pyramid in the northwest corner of your house to keep them off.
  • Women who are not getting pregnant should place a pyramid in the north east corner of their bedroom.
  • If you are finding it difficult to sell your property bury a pyramid in the northwest corner of the plot.
  • The pyramid effectively neutralizes geopathic stress in the area.

The Effect Range of the Vedic Cosmic Vastu Pyramid

The Maha Vaastu pyramid equalizes up to 75% of negative spatial energies and Vastu defects with an effect range of around 22 metres. But the most effective and far-reaching Vastu correction method is the combined use of correctly placed yantras with a Maha Vaastu pyramid and/or a Meru Chakra. The huge advantage here is that the Vaastu pyramid when combined with the right yantras and chakras can neutralize nearly all of a building’s negative energies without having to probe into the specific nature of the defects. The counterbalancing effect of such a combined usage can be as much as 98%

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