Shankh Blowing Shank Big Size AAA Quality Natural Vamavarti 6. inch with Brass Stand
Shankh Blowing Shank Big Size AAA Quality Natural Vamavarti 6. inch with Brass Stand

Shankh Blowing Shank Big Size AAA Quality Natural Vamavarti 6. inch with Brass Stand

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  • The voice of the conch prompts people to worship. It is believed that wishes from the worship of conch are fulfilled. The evil spirits do not bother with this.
  • The Brahmavaivarta Purana has said that the water is cleaned by keeping water in the conch and sprinkling it.
  • By the anointing of Shiva, Lakshmi, etc. by the water of the conch, God is pleased and receives His grace.
  • Scientists believe that the conch shell of many types of bacteria-germs present in the atmosphere is destroyed by the conch shell. Many tests have found such results.
  • for teeth. It is beneficial due to the properties of calcium, phosphorus, and sulfur in the shell.

Blowable white vamavarti shankh. It has smooth texture and blows loudly. Very nice product to purchase. The special geometry of this kind of natural shankh creates a positive energy field. The blowing of a Vamavarti shankha is believed to remove the ill effects of negative energies and it purifies our surroundings and soul. Note :Blowing of shank requires bit of skill and practice. If you have blown shank before, you should be able to blow this one with little practice. If you are new to blowing shank, you may need to practice before you are able to blow shank properly.,This is Blowing shankh/ left hand shankh with white color . Protect from evil spirits.The blowing of the conch increases respiratory capacity. A shankha shell is often referred to in the India as a conch shell, or a Shankh shell.The Shankh trumpet is sounded during worship at specific times, accompanied by ceremonial bells and singing.

size6.5 inches
included componentbrass stand
conch typeright-handed blowing conch
  • 1. Hold the hole at the top of the conch up to your lips and pucker them tightly. Position the conch in your dominant hand so that your fingers are covering any holes in the shell, adjusting them as necessary. Place the top part of the shell where the top has been removed over your lips and purse them together so that your lips are tightly closed in front of your teeth.

    2. Breathe in deeply from your stomach. Take in a deep breath with your nose for about 5-7 seconds, filling up your lungs. Try not to raise your shoulders as you breathe, and your stomach will likely expand outward slightly. Take as big of a breath as possible without making yourself lightheaded.
    3. Blow out forcefully through your lips, causing them to vibrate. Use your stomach muscles to blow the air out of your lungs through your mouth, keeping your lips close together. Your lips should vibrate slightly, causing the conch to make a noise like a horn. If you’re doing it correctly, it should feel like your lips are “buzzing.”
    4. Adjust the pitch by loosening your lips or moving your tongue. Move your lips into a position where they’re protruding slightly, like you’re blowing a kiss, to lower the pitch of the conch. Slide your tongue just behind your upper front teeth to force the air through your lips faster, causing the pitch to become higher.
  • keep it at a secure place make sure it does not fall on the floor directly...