Solid Parad Gutika/Goli for Men & Women - For Pooja
Solid Parad Gutika/Goli for Men & Women - For Pooja

Solid Parad Gutika/Goli for Men & Women - For Pooja

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Worshipping Padrasam Beads has proven to be several benefits from Scientific as well as in Ayurveda

It has power to control various diseases such as High Blood Pressures, Diabetes, Ashtma and also increase sex power.

Courage against any odds and negativities. 

Confidence and happiness. 

Balanced life. 

It also helps the worshipper to control heart diseases

The Parad  is capable in helping the worshipper who is mentally, physically, financially and intellectually ill.

Fulfillment of dreams and desires. 

Removing Vastu Related problems. 

Healing from disease. 

Power,authority and recognition. 

Protection from evil eyes and other evil things. 

Sound health, wealth and character. 

Regular worshipping using parad Mala  helps in keeping Ma Laxmi always at home

Worship with parad rosary  will help in  bringing instant wealth, Luck, position , fame and name in the life of a native.

Success in profession,business,career and all activities. 

Secured financial position for self and dependents. 

Protection from dangers and negativities to self and family. 

Protection from all troubles and problems. 

Knowledge and wisdom. 

Spell Bounded with Holy Gangajal of Hridwar.

Favour from superiors,Government,politics,friends,and unknown people. 

Family progress and development at all times

Parad is naturally energized metal. The parad metal does not need to be energized. In Hindu purans, specially mentioned in brahma puran that the wearer and user of parad idols brings all enjoys for that person. Blessing from the lord rains on them who worship and use parad. Parad idols give mokshya and honors and glorifying life.

Parad is a liquid material. Best known as quick silver. Parad is also known as mercury. Parad is also collected from stones or from the coal burning. It does not have self-power to take any hard shape. Silver gives parad the power to be hard and bring any shape. So mixtue of silver is aupicious with parad. There are different quality of parad. The quality is the purity of the product, mostly measured in percentage. 30 Percent to 80 percent purity are available in the market. It is difficult to find out the percentage of the product just by seeing it. We belive that best quality of parad shoudl be 80 percent. It gives the person best benefits that he desires out of it.Wearing parad brings luck and energy to the wearer. A good quality meterial should be always be chosen. Selection of good quality is the first thing that the buyer should look at. A good quality product worn gives good health, brings energy and keeps him energetic, does not bring lethargy to the wearer, gains sexual energy.

MaterialParad (Mercury)

1.Wash the Mercury ball in water.

2. Keep the Mercury beads in a cup and pour milk , a small quantity is fine ( say half a glass ). 

3. Kindly submit your prayers to 

Your Kuldev /Family God

Your Guru 

Your Parents 

and put a flower on the Parad Gutika.

4. If any specific mantras told, kindly chant the same or you can chant "Om " for 108 times.

5. Face east during sun rise and wear the parad gutika. 

6. Parad Gutika can be worn at any time, during any course of life, and Parad Gutika can be considered as a part of the body.

7. At any point of time in life, you need the assistance of rasamani, touch the Bead and say what you need to your rasamani, the energy you have stored in the Beads will give you the required power, courage and strength to get your task complete.

keep is away from the perfume and chemical.

Clean It With Soft And Smooth Cloths.