Ashta Dhatu Yantra

Gold Plated Durga Bisa Yantra ATM Coin Inside - Religious Card to Keep in Wallet for Wealth/Lucky God ATM Cards/Size Same as Bank ATM Card

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Especially For those who worship And truly Believe in Mata Durga. This card will be lucky for Holder and bring wealth.

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  • This Yantra manifests Shree Durga Ambe Maa. It is a very powerful Yantra and it bestows Wealth and Property & protects the person from all types of Danger.
  • This Yantra is regarded as an icon of power and it is extremely effective in bringing good Luck in Business. This Yantra has got extremely powerful protective powers which are very proactive and it removes troubles and negativity even before they can even approach to harm the worshipper.
  • According to Chapter 4, Shloka 17 of Durga Saptashati, worshipping this yantra clears poverty and also shields the person from quarrels, violence etc.
  • This Yantra is also extremely powerful to attract Wealth and Good Luck in Business and therefore, at times, this Yantra is also called as Lakshmi Bisa Yantra. A person can get rid of Bad Dreams or nightmares by worshipping a Bisa Yantra daily and all his wishes gets fulfilled. This Yantra removes Difficulties and Destroys enemies and is one of the most crowd-pleasing Yantra.
  • Helps conquer enemies and alleviate the troubles created by them due to malice and evil eye.
  • Protects the home from all negative energies and helps attract positive vibrations inside the home or business site.
  • Protects the people from all dangers and accidents and enhances a sense of safety and security.
  • Removes all fears and enhances self-confidence and strong will power.
  • Drives away poverty and brings comfort, luxuries and wealth inside homes and business places.
  • Promotes harmony and peace inside homes and improves the quality of relationships between family members
Colour - Red and Golden Size - Standard
Style - Spiritual Type - ATM Card
Condition - New Shape - Rectangle
Origin - India

Especially For those who worship And truly Believe in Mata Durga. This card will be lucky for Holder and bring wealth. Durga Bisa Yantra in a Gold-plated coin is inside the card. It brings the Blessing of Mata Durga. This yantra can be kept in wallet / money purse / cash counter / pooja ghar/Car. Energized and Blessed.

Method of Use: Worship this yantra by ashtgandh and red sandal. Offer laddus, red flowers and doorva (grass) before the yantra.

This yantra cards included golden yantra coins and very miraculous to keep at different places including

purse , home, study room, car and office to gain wealth and remove negetive energies.

  • keep is away from the perfume and chemical.
  • Clean It With Soft And Smooth Cloths

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