Bronze Shri Dhan Varsha Kuber Yantra Chowki for Home Temple (Golden, 12x16x10cm)
Bronze Shri Dhan Varsha Kuber Yantra Chowki for Home Temple (Golden, 12x16x10cm)

Bronze Shri Dhan Varsha Kuber Yantra Chowki for Home Temple (Golden, 12x16x10cm)

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  • Shri kuber Dhan Varsha yantra bestows wealth and property and also protects the person from all sorts of dangers
  • It is beneficial for so if you want to business profit
  • Put it at your worship Place or in Temple, It is made with Ashtdhatu

Kuber Yantra chowki contains an idol of Lord Kuber, Kuber Yantra surrounded by Navratnas and Beejmantra are inscribed on its floor. All these powers work together to surround the devotee with his blessings. Therefore it should be established in an auspicious Muhurat to earn, lot of wealth, gold, gems, buried wealth and ancestral money. By worshipping it money start coming from various channels. Kuber is the god of wealth and God's treasurer. Kuber is the actual lord of riches in Indan pantheon. Lord Kuber blesses the devotee with unlimited wealth and prosperity. Puja of Kuber Yantra Chowki is recommended for growth in business and job. It bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune when worshipped regularly. As per Hindu mythology there is a class of living beings between humans and gods. These are known as Yakshas. They have small areas of control. Among these the most famous is Kuber who protects and conserves money. Worshipping Lord Kuber is considered to be very effective for financial prosperity. If Kuber is pleased and controlled it bestows abundance of wealth. The king of Lanka, Ravana had controlled Kuber which is how his country was converted into that of Gold. This Chowki can be energised by reciting Manta of Kuber under Bilwa tree (Apple tree) on the auspicious occasion of Dushahara, Deepawali, DhanTayodashi, especially when Saturn, Jupiter and Sun are auspicious in transit. Recite the following Mantra in front of it at least 11 times daily- Om Kuberay Namah This Yantra chowki consists of a beautiful Kuber Idol on a throne, Kurma with 3D Kuber Yantra and representation of all 9 planetary Gemstones and auspicious symbols such as Chakra Mantras, Swastik and Om. Placing the Shree Dhan Varsha Kuber Yantra in the South Corner of home/office facing North will invite prosperity, wealth and abundance.

type of yantrakuber chowki yantra

  • This Yantra helps you solve all money related problems.
  • It plays an important role in increasing income source.
  • You will get the money, success, prosperity in your life.
  • Negativity and bad luck stay away from the person.
  • keep is away from the perfume and chemical.
  • Clean It With Soft And Smooth Cloths